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Unit 11a Octel Building

North Quay

Hayle Harbour


TR27 4BL


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Professional Water Craft Training

The Executive





The ‘K38 Way’ of training focuses on a tiered training programme consisting of different skill sets that have been developed from real world rescue situations.  


The PWC operator must master each of these skill sets before they can advance to the next tier of the K38 training programme. By focusing on the often overlooked basics of how a Personal Watercraft behaves K38 students’ develop unprecedented technical PWC handling ability.                


The technical operating skills combined with technical rescue techniques develop the K38 trained operator in a controlled and structured format. K38 courses feature theoretical training in the classroom that supports the practical on-water training. Students technical skills and rescue techniques are developed in a flat water environment emphasising the K38 motto ‘Slow is Pro’.


Upon successful completion the students will transfer their newly acquired skills into moving water. Whether in the ocean or swiftwater/flood environment  the course content is physically demanding and students must be both physically and mentally capable to successfully complete the course.


Hayle Harbour

Hayle Harbour offers some of the most challinging and varied but consisatnt conditions avaiable.


Basic training is undertaken in the sheltered flat water of teh inner harbour.


Ocean and surf rescue training is completed along the wave rich Cornish coastline a short distance from the harbour mouth.


The harbour boasts 2 white water training areas both offering different features to develop the necesary K38 operator skills.







K38 UK Rescue Boat Operator Training Namdeb, Namibia

Course Descriptions Coming Soon...